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September 9, 2008 - Psychology 1101 G Outline – Introduction to Sensation; Audition ****This lecture covers Gleitman Chapter 4 p. 136-144 Def’n of criterion: Central auditory pathway Auditory nerve Cochlear nucleus Superior olivary nucleus Inferior colliculus Medial geniculate nucleus (of the thalamus) (Primary) auditory cortex (“SONIC MG”) Auditory Cortex Attributes -Tonotopic map Each area processes a characteristic frequency, preserving the tonotopic arrangement from the auditory nerve fibers -Columnar arrangement Descending down from the surface, neurons respond to same frequency, but respond to different aspects of the sound e.g. location in space Cortical tonotopy Plasticity of Perception # of neurons devoted to processing can change with differential usage More usage more neurons being “recruited” e.g. monkey trained on 2500 Hz tone had a larger region of auditory cortex devoted to 2-4 kHz sounds Musicians have larger auditory processing areas for f’s in range of their instrument
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psyc-sensation_audition_part2 - 1 September 9, 2008 -...

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