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EDP 363: HUMAN SEXUALITY AND RELATIONSHIPS sSUM 2010 MTWTF 10-11:15 Unique: 74910 NOTE: YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR ALL INFORMATION ON THIS SYLLABUS. If you have questions, please check the syllabus and Blackboard before calling. Instructor: Dr. Nancy Daley Office: SZB 252G Telephone: 471-0027, 418-8336 Office Hours: MW after class and by appointment. e-mail: [email protected] (Let me know you’re coming, or I’ll go home!) I am often in my office by 9 a.m. as well. While you are more than welcome to phone me at the above numbers, if you call me at home or have the temerity to find and use my cell phone number without my express permission, I will deduct 10 points from your grade. The University of Texas at Austin provides appropriate academic accommodations for qualified students with disabilities. Please contact the Office of the Dean of Students at 471-6259, 471- 4641 TTY. The use of electronic devices in my classroom is prohibited unless you bring me a letter from Student Services indicating you need to use a laptop in order to take notes. Need I say anything about cell phones? Teaching Assistant: Vanessa Scaringi [email protected] TA Headquarters: 252F – Office hours by appointment. To find SZB 252, go up the stairs and take 3 immediate lefts. Daley’s office is the first one on your right in that little “staff offices” corridor; the TA office is the first one on your left. Good luck. Please do not leave homework with Dr. Daley; she will lose it. Required Text: Sexuality Now: Embracing Diversity , by J. Carroll (3rd Ed.) You may order the text online, in its entirety or by the chapter, at www.ichapters.com. Readings are on reserve Required Reading Packet: Available at IT Copy @ 512 MLK (New, Spring’10) in the PCL. Lecture Notes: Available on Blackboard. Print them up, bring the to class, and highlight what Dr. Daley talks about – this is your most efficient study method. If you don’t come to class, either make friends with someone who does, or memorize everything.
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ESSENTIAL DATES: EXAM 1 - (110 points) EXAM 2 - (120 points) EXAM 3 - (100 points) NOTE: You can review your exam grades with your TA only up till the class day prior to the next exam. If you have a grading question or dispute, be sure to settle it quickly! (We make no grade changes after we’ve gone on to the next exam. Do not come to me about Exam One once we’ve already taken Exam Two, etc.) All grading questions go to your TA first. Course Overview
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