1 Perspectives on Human Sexuality

1 Perspectives on Human Sexuality - I think the problem is...

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“I think the problem is one of DESIRE” -What a 4 th -grader of my acquaintance told me in explaining the problems of the modern world And what about ANXIETY???? Placing Ourselves “Sexuality is a uniquely human trait” – what does this mean? Is your culture open or repressed? The culture of your family & ancestors; The culture of the USA in 2008; The culture of UT and where you live in it One student asks, “What does sex mean?” SEX: from the Latin “to cut” or “to divide.” Implications of more than one sex? Sex versus Gender Biology, culture, history, society. Biological “imperatives” (e.g. pass along your DNA): these have been used to define “unnatural acts.” And who, exactly, does the defining? Sex as a social construct: Your sexual identity. Carroll: “All told, the [ancient] Egyptians had sexual lives that do not seem all that different from the way humans engage in sex throughout the world today,” (p.7). Tiefer: “. ..your orgasm is not the same as George Washington’s, premarital sex in Peru is not premarital sex in Peoria, abortion in Rome at the time of Caesar is not abortion in Rome at the time of John Paul II, and rape is neither an act of sex nor an act of violence – all of these actions remain to be defined by individual experience within one’s period and place,” (p.4). Carroll: sexuality as a reflection of social power. Aquinas’s definitions of “natural” and “unnatural” sex acts. If the sex organs were “naturally” designed for procreation, other use of them was unnatural and immoral. Islam: In the Koran, there are female saints and intellectuals, powerful women. All forms of sexuality are permitted between spouses. It was considered “natural” for a man to have four wives.
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Judeo-Christian: Lilith. Adam’s 1 st wife. She had been one of Satan’s wives, but left him for Adam. Lilith didn’t like the female-subservient role, said both she and Adam had been created from
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1 Perspectives on Human Sexuality - I think the problem is...

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