4 Male Anatomy - PENIS: Latin, "tail" AVERAGE SIZE: PENIS...

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PENIS ANATOMY PENIS: Latin, "tail" TESTIS: "witness" AVERAGE SIZE: 3.75" long; 1.2" in diameter (flaccid) 6" long; 1.5" in diameter (erect) "BONER" - there's no bone in there CORONA: separates GLANS from body of penis-very sensitive to stimulation FRENULUM: thin strip of tissue connecting underside of GLANS to the shaft ROOT: base of penis, extending into the pelvis SHAFT: body of penis FORESKIN: (aka "prepuce"): covers all or part of penile GLANS just as clitoral prepuce covers clitoral shaft PHIMOSIS: condition in which it is difficult to retract foreskin CIRCUMCISION: surgical removal of foreskin SCROTUM: pouch of loose skin; has 2 compartments, each holding one of the TESTES; develops from same embryonic tissue as the LABIA MAJORA TEMPERATURE OF SCROTUM: 5-6 degrees lower than internal body temperature, for optimal sperm production SPERMATIC CORD: holds testicle in place Contains VAS DEFERENS, blood vessels, nerves, and the CREMASTER MUSCLE (which raises and lowers testicle within the scrotum with temperature changes and sexual arousal) INTERNAL SEX ORGANS TESTES (gonads): functions are analogous to OVARIES, i.e., they secrete sex hormones (androgens) - TESTOSTERONE being the most important one TESTOSTERONE: stimulates prenatal differentiation of male sex organs; stimulates sperm production; stimulates development of secondary sex characteristics
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TESTOSTERONE LEVELS stay pretty stable, thanks to the hypothalamus, pituitary, & testes; levels may vary some w/ stress, time of day or month, etc. Production decreases gradually, starting at age 40-50; but most men are potent all their lives. SPERM: male germ cell
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4 Male Anatomy - PENIS: Latin, "tail" AVERAGE SIZE: PENIS...

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