9 Adult Sexuality

9 Adult Sexuality - Adult Sexuality Define adult Your...

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Adult Sexuality Define “adult” Your values, expectations, experience Your sexual orientation Physical, psychological, emotional, relational Your tolerance for complexity, empathy, generosity, honesty Communication Contraception STI risks Choose 5 factors you WANT in your sexual relationship, rank order 1-5 (1=most important). Choose 5 factors you DON’T WANT and rank-order them. 1. Age 18. Reciprocity 2. Attraction 19. Religion 3. Commitment 20. Respect 4. Companionship 21. Security 5. Consideration 22. A 3 rd partner 6. Contraception 23. Trust 7. Dependence 24. Experimentation 8. Equality 25. Pressure 9. Expectations 26. Dominance 10. Feeling at ease 27. Communication 11. Honesty 28. Variety 12. Interdependence 29. Frequency 13. Jealousy 30. Appearance 14. Love 31. Humor 15. Openness 32. Intelligence 16. Possessiveness 33. Experience 17. Same race 34. Virginity Dating The decision to become sexual The decision to be celibate How much history do you share? Textbook author: over 88% of students she asked had engaged in a hookup. 98% said they’d had a “really good” hookup. 78% said they’d also had a “bad” hookup. Controversial (?) dating: Same gender
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Different races Mixed religions Age gaps Housemates Seeing someone who is in another relationship Friends with Benefits This can work very well with two people who know themselves and know exactly what the “rules” are for this relationship. Possible snags: jealousy; Loss of friendship; How does it feel when your friend finds a Lover? Emotional imbalance – one of you is in love, the other isn’t; Fantasy: I can change this into something else Singlehood: Since 1970, the proportion of USA people staying single into their 20’s & 30’s has more than doubled.
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9 Adult Sexuality - Adult Sexuality Define adult Your...

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