19 STI's - The CDC estimated in 2002 that: Over 65 million...

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The CDC estimated in 2002 that: Over 65 million people in the USA are living with an incurable STI. 15 million additional Americans become infected with some sort of STI every year. People age 15-25 remain at highest risk. Anyone having sex with more than one partner (or who’s had sex with someone who’s been with someone else) in a year should be tested annually. All states and DC require the reporting of syphilis, gonorrhea, and AIDS. Other states also require the reporting of chlamydia, genital herpes, genital warts, and HIV. Historically, STI’s have been around a long time. They were written up in Egypt by 1900 B.C., but their nature and causes were naturally not well understood. STI’s (“venereal diseases”) were considered to be God’s (gods’) punishment for sinful behavior. This hasn’t exactly inspired people to seek testing or treatment. STI’s have also been used to slander whole races (syphislis as the “French disease”). STI’S: How caused? (Bacterial, Viral, Other) Some symptoms How treated? How to catch one How to avoid them Attitudes: Punishment, shame Women: more vulnerable, less symptomatic Pregnancy: damages to fertility, fetus Any mode of transmission will work fine: oral, genital, anal, skin-to-skin. Don’t share drinking glasses, wet towels, lipstick, razors, toothbrushes, toilet seats, underwear, combs, needles. ... Undiagnosed STI’s are trouble Many STI’s show no symptoms, but meanwhile internal damage may occur.
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Disease You can move STI’s from place to place on your own body. Transmission to baby usually happens during childbirth. Travis County 469-3217 Planned Parenthood 472-0868 UT Health Center 471-3515 STI INFO BACTERIALLY-CAUSED STIs: Gonorrhea Chlamydia Syphilis some vaginitis There are antibiotic-resistant strains. GONORRHEA: 80% of women who contract it have no symptoms, but may pass it on to a partner. GONORRHEA SYMPTOMS: MEN: Yellowish, thick penile discharge; Burning on urination WOMEN: Increased vaginal discharge; Burning on urination; Irregular menstrual bleeding (Most women show no early symptoms) DIAGNOSED: Clinical inspection; culture of discharge TREATED: Antibiotics (you hope) UNTREATED: Epididymitis; kidney problems; PID in women; infertility -gonococcal arthritis -gonococcal dermatitis -gonococcal endocarditis -gonococcal ophthalmic infection SYPHILIS: About 120,000 new cases a year in U.S. Can lead to more serious problems than gonorrhea, including: blindness, heart disease, deteriorative mental illness, even death.
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19 STI's - The CDC estimated in 2002 that: Over 65 million...

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