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Describe the three steps of planning. Explain how they are related. Determine what the goals are and what objectives need to be reached. Plan how to meet the goals or objectives. Implement the plan then evaluate how well the plan worked Before a plan can be made you have to know what you’re trying to accomplish. If you know what goals you have and don’t make a plan to reach them then you will never achieve the things that you’re working towards. Also if you implement a plan, the plan has to be evaluated to decide whether or not the plan has worked or changes need to be made. Without these three steps of planning the plan may fail. It can have more steps, but without these three basic steps it will be easy for the plan to fail. How can scenario planning help managers to predict the future? What is the role of divisional and functional managers in the formulation of strategy? Divisional managers are satisfying the long term goals of their section, whereas functional managers are making and
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