Exam1AKey - Hydrogen Alpha carbon Total points possible=...

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Hydrogen Alpha carbon Carboxyl group Amino group Total points possible= 100 pts. The number of points for each question is shown. ? There are 36 questions on this exam. Multiple Choice ? (2 pts each) 1. If the pH of a solution is 4.0, then the hydroxide   ion concentration is a. 8 M b. 10 -10 M c. 10 -6 M d. 4 M 2. If you are asked to make a 1M solution of sugar (C 12 H 22 O 11 ), how many grams of sugar would you add to a liter of water? The molecular weights of C, H and O are 12, 1 and 16 Daltons, respectively. a. 342 g b. 242 g c. 29 g d. 100g 3. Which of the following refers to that fact that scientists choose to study an individual process and then relate that process to the whole organism or system? a. emergent properties b. evolution c. the cell theory d. reductionism e. homeostasis 4. Which of the following use DNA as their genetic material? a. eukaryotes b. prokaryotes c. archaea d. a and b above e. c and d above f. a, b and c above 5. How are most unicellular eukaryotes classified? a. Protista b. Monera c. Archaea d. Bacteria e. Eukarya 6. An ionic bond is one in which a. neutrons are shared by two atoms b. inner shell electrons are transferred from one atom to another c. outer shell electrons of one atom are transferred to another atom d. outer shell electrons are shared by two atoms
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7. One mole of a substance is equal to a. 1 gram of a substance dissolved in 1 ml of water b. the molecular weight of a substance expressed in grams c. 6.02 x 10 23 molecules of that substance d. a and b above e. b and c above 8. Functional groups tend to make a hydrocarbon more a. hydrophilic b. hydrophobic c. polar d. non-polar e. a and c above f. b and d above g. a and d above 9. Two atoms that have equal electronegativity interact to form a. ions
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Exam1AKey - Hydrogen Alpha carbon Total points possible=...

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