Exam1BKey - Hydrogen Alpha carbon Total points possible=...

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Alpha carbon Carboxyl group Amino group Total points possible= 100 pts. The number of points for each question is shown. ? There are 36 questions on this exam. Fill in the blank 1. (4 pts) ? List the four types of chemical bonds that exist, from strongest to weakest a.____covalent ________ (strongest) b._____ionic__ ________ c._____hydrogen_______ d. ____Van der Waals__ (weakest) 2. (2 pts) In a reaction catalyzed by an enzyme, if the product of the reaction causes the reaction to slow down, it is referred to as __negative______ feedback. 3. (3 pts) ______Schwann_________________ ? developed the cell theory which states that all living things consist of __cells______ and that all cells are derived from __cells_______. 4. (2 pts) Nitrogen ( 14 C) contains 6 protons and 8 neutrons. a. What is the atomic weight (include units )? ?????? 14 daltons b. What is it ? s atomic number? ? 6 ????????? ? 5. (2 pts) Darwin ? s two central tenets regarding evolution is that contemporary species arose from earlier species and that the mechanism of evolution is ___natural selection_________. Match the functional group with the name of compound they from 6. (6 pts) Match the six ? common functional groups found in carbon-based molecules. Place the appropriate number ? next to the name . a. ? __2__ ? carbonyl ????????????????????????????? 1. ? OH ???????????? b. __1___hydroxyl ?????????????????????????????? 2. ? CO c. ___4__ sulfhydryl ???????????????????????????? 3. NH 2 d. ___3__amine ?????????????????????????????????? 4. SH e. ___6__ phosphate ??????????????????????????? 5. COOH f. ___5__carboxyl ??????????????????????????????? 6. PO 4 7. (3 pts) Life has been classified into three domains. List these domains. a
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Exam1BKey - Hydrogen Alpha carbon Total points possible=...

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