OB_Nubain (nalbuphine)

OB_Nubain (nalbuphine) - Nubain (nalbuphine) Routine use:...

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Unformatted text preview: Nubain (nalbuphine) Routine use: Analgesia during labor, Sedation before surgery, Supplement to balanced anesthesia Safe dose & range: IM, Subcut IV (Adults): Usual dose is 10 mg q 3-6 hr (single dose not to exceed 20 mg; total daily dose not to exceed 160 mg). Supplement to Balanced Anesthesia IV (Adults): Initial--0.3-3 mg/kg over 10-15 min. Maintenance--0.25-0.5 mg/kg as needed. Classification, Action & Indication: C- Therapeutic: opioid analgesics Pharmacologic: opioid agonists/analgesics A : Decreased pain. Major side effects: CNS: dizziness , headache , sedation , confusion, dysphoria, euphoria, floating feeling, hallucinations, unusual dreams. EENT: blurred vision, diplopia, miosis (high doses). Resp: respiratory depression. CV: hypertension, orthostatic hypotension, palpitations. GI: dry mouth , nausea , vomiting , constipation, ileus. GU: urinary urgency. Derm: clammy feeling , sweating . Misc: physical dependence, psychological dependence, tolerance....
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OB_Nubain (nalbuphine) - Nubain (nalbuphine) Routine use:...

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