Financialpart of the business plan

Financialpart of the business plan - PART 4. THE FINANCIALS...

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P ART 4. T HE F INANCIALS E XPECTED R EVENUE How much will you charge for your product? How many products do you believe that you can sell in one year (or how many customers do you think your business can attract)? Multiply the price that you will charge by the number of products that you hope to sell or the amount you hope each customer will spend. This will give you an estimate of your revenues for one year. Hint: You will use the amounts you calculate in the costs and revenues questions in this part of the plan in the accounting statements, so be as realistic as you can. C OST OF D OING B USINESS What are the costs of doing business? Equipment, supplies, salaries, rent, utilities, and insurance are just some of these expenses. Estimate what it will cost to do business for one year . Hint: Insert the costs associated with doing business in the following table. The list below provides some hints as to where you can get this information. Note that these are estimates—just try your best to include accurate costs for the expenses you think will be a part of doing business. Hints for each expense in the table below : Rent : Refer to the floor plan. How many square feet is your place of business? What is the “going rate” per square foot for office space in your community? A real estate agent or a local SBA representative ( ) can also be helpful in answering this question.
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Financialpart of the business plan - PART 4. THE FINANCIALS...

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