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If my life were to be made into a storybook illustrating the last 19 years of my life, it would be anything but conventional. Everyday I feel that my desires and interests pull me in a completely new direction leading me down roads that I never dreamed I would follow. In the last four years of my life alone, I have taught summer leadership programs abroad to international students, participated in perhaps one of the most historical elections in history, and learned the value of an afterschool job to support myself. Boarding school had opened all of these doors for me and when I decided to go to Northeastern University last fall, I felt as though all of the doors had been barred shut.
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Unformatted text preview: There was no room for the captain of the Robotics team in high school or the girl who wants to try skydiving on the weekends. During my many visits to Emory University, the moment I set foot on campus I felt like all of those doors were thrown open once again, begging to be explored. With its perfect balance of community and opportunity, I had never felt more at home than those days in Atlanta. The university seems like the perfect college for me because not only do the students reach out to discover what the university has to offer but its as though Emory extends a hand to help many of the developing students discover more about themselves....
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