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Home Sweet Home Last fall, I moved into my spacious dorm room located in the center of the “best college city in the nation” at Northeastern University with some pretty high expectations. Coming from a background like mine, where the whole world was my oyster and I took advantage of every opportunity presented to me, I immediately began searching for my niche at this large school. Happy to be in a big city bursting with opportunity, I immediately began looking at study abroad programs, extracurriculars, and anything to satisfy my ambitious nature. Never quite settling in, the first semester at NEU passed in a blur of people, classes, and an overwhelming amount of insight about what I desire, and don’t desire, from a college. I quickly realized that the absence of a real campus left me feeling slightly displaced and without the sense of “home” that I waited for in those first months. The connection I felt with Northeastern can only be compared to the many airports I have waited in to board a flight to a new destination. It was not the diverse,
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