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Your other warehouse – supplies home depot plumbing supplies Home depot bought World Imports as well to handle lighting. Had no expectations going into the job. Told her in her off-time to work on a catalog (she had made a cookbook after college). They told her it was going to take 10% of her time, it took far more. First time she made a catalog it was not good. Once you move into another position, you don’t really lose your first position. You have more responsibilities added while the pay is only marginally better, until you have to hire an assistant. She had to learn to delegate her old stuff. In China, you get a business card, look at it with both hands, repeat their job title.
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Unformatted text preview: Signs of respect. She went over there every 6 months for 2 weeks at a time. It was just easier/more efficient to go over the catalogs in person. Managing people – too hands-off led to nobody on the phones. You need rules even though you might have hated them before. Management calls you to do what is necessary regardless of how employees see you. When you befriend a boss, they change. When you have a big company, rules are necessary that wouldn’t otherwise be necessary. Reviews – you get raises based on reviews. Similar to teacher evaluations...
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