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Successful Study Habits I. Syllabus A. Obtain a syllabus for each class B. Staple to the inside cover of class notebook II. Calendars A. Monthly Calendar 1. Write important dates from all syllabi 2. Include important dates from Mt. SAC class schedule B. Daily Planner 1. Write in important dates from above 2. Write in daily assignments C. To Do Lists 1. Make to do lists for specific projects 2. Schedule days on which each task must be completed III. A. Divide assignments by weeks (Example: Ten chapters due in five weeks equals two chapters per week) B. Divide written assignments into manageable tasks C. Write due dates for each task on daily planner IV. Before Class A. Read assignments & outline the chapter BEFORE the professor lectures B.
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Unformatted text preview: C. Avoid distractions; don't lie down D. Space study periods: study maximum of 60 minutes, then take a break V. During class A. Be an active listener 1. Ask questions 2. Sit up front 3. Take notes 4. Be prepared B. Avoid distractions 1. Don't daydream 2. Sit away from windows & noisy students C. Listen for key words in the lecture D. Be aware of lecture structure VI. After Class A. Review notes TEN minutes after class; make corrections & clarify within your own mind B. Study as soon after individual classes as possible C. Predict one essay question that summarizes each day of the lecture D. Make a chart or idea map to summarize the lecture E. Plan one review session per week F. Form a study group...
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