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___A_22. You are the senior network administrator for an insurance company in Lincoln, NE. You want to create some customized MMC consoles for a junior administrator who has recently joined the company. You want to prevent him from opening new windows or accessing a portion of the console tree, and you want to allow him to view only one window in the console. Which of the following modes would you configure for the custom MMC console? a. User Mode: Limited Access, Single Window b. User Mode: Limited Access, Multiple Windows c. User Mode: Limited Access, Single Window, No Open d. User Mode: Full Access, Single Window ___C_ 23.Under what circumstances can you use Remote Assistance to connect to an unattended computer? a. If you are logged in as an administrator. b. If the password for the administrator account on the unattended computer is the same as the password for the administrator account on your system. c.
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