Win210 quiz 3c - C_39.You are the network administrator for...

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C__ 39 . You are the network administrator for a publishing company in Portland, OR. The network is comprised of 4 Windows Server 2003 systems and 122 workstation systems, which are a mix of Windows XP Professional and Windows 2000 Professional systems. One morning, a user calls to report that the server seems very slow. No changes to the server configuration have been made recently, but the user reports that they are performing a daily database re-index. Upon inspection, you notice that the PhysicalDisk: % Disk Time counter is 92 percent. Which of the following would you do next? a. Install a larger hard disk. b. Install a faster hard disk. c. Examine memory-related counters. d. Replace standalone drives with a RAID array. _C___ 40.You are one of three network administrators for a chain of garden centers, with 16 locations across the southwestern United States. All three administrators are based at the head office in Scottsdale, AZ. Each garden center has its own Windows Server 2003 system. The servers are all configured identically, and host the same point-of-sale application. The servers are all linked back to the head office by a high speed T-1 WAN link. One morning, you get a call from a user in one of the garden centers complaining that the point-of-sale application is running very slowly. You meet with the other administrators to determine a strategy for identifying the issue with the server. One of the other administrators in the team suggests that you can use Task Manager to view the performance
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Win210 quiz 3c - C_39.You are the network administrator for...

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