Win210 quiz 5c - _ 21. You have recently assumed the role...

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____ 21. You have recently assumed the role of network administrator for the head office of a department store chain. Last week you upgraded a number of servers from Windows 2000 Server to Windows Server 2003, Enterprise Edition. You are concerned about the security configuration of your server and decide to run MBSA to look for security weaknesses. Documentation from the previous administrator shows that he performed security checks using the Hfnetchk.exe utility. He also created a script for performing security checks. How do you perform a security check using his script? a. Use Mbsa.exe with the /hf switch. b. Use Mbsacli.exe with the /hf switch. c. Use Hfnetchk.exe with the MBSA switch. d. Rewrite the script file using MBSA command options. ____ 22. You are the network administrator for an insurance company in Wichita, Kansas, with 160 employees. You have three Windows Server 2003, Standard Edition servers. One server is a domain controller and is also used to host file and print, DNS, and DHCP services. The second server is also a domain controller and hosts the company’s client database. The third server hosts a database that is used by the Fraud Investigation department. The database is highly confidential and is accessed by only the seven employees in that department. Each company employee has a single workstation or laptop computer. The company uses 16 printers. You are using Per Device or Per User licensing. How many CALs do you require? a. 3 b. 153 c. 160 d. 176 ____ 23. You are the network administrator for a graphic design studio. You have two servers running Windows Server 2003, Standard Edition. Last week you installed a newly released service pack on the server. You are experiencing some problems with RRAS and investigate the problem on the Microsoft Web site. You find a Knowledge Base article, dated a month ago, that offers a solution to your problem by installing the service pack prior to the one you just installed. What should you do? a. Install the older service pack, and then reapply the newer service pack. b.
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Win210 quiz 5c - _ 21. You have recently assumed the role...

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