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C___ 61. You are the network administrator for a small graphic design house in Seattle, Washington. The company also has a sales office in New York with five employees. The network in Seattle comprises two Windows Server 2003 systems, both of which are domain controllers. Active Directory is configured at the Windows 2000 mixed domain functional level. The New York office, which is not yet connected to the Seattle office, is operating its network as a workgroup with a single Windows 2000 Server system providing file and print services. You have just implemented a VPN to create a WAN between the two sites. The plan is to eventually implement a domain controller in New York for local authentication and disaster recovery purposes. However, the installation of that system must wait until you can travel to New York. In the meantime, one of the more technically capable users in New York has been asked to join the five Windows XP Professional workstations and the Windows 2000 server to the domain. The Windows Server 2003 system will become a member server.
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