Win210 quiz 9c - _A_ 21. To view the ownership,...

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_ _A__ 21. To view the ownership, permissions, and attributes of a file, what is the minimum standard NTFS permission required? a. Read b. Read and Execute c. Modify d. Full Control __A__ 22. You are configuring IIS on a Windows Server 2003 system. After creating a new home page for your corporate intranet, you want to make it available to users. You are not using redirection of any kind. Where do you place the file? a. C:\INETPUB\WWWROOT b. C:\WWWROOT c. C:\IIS\WWWROOT d. C:\WWWROOT __C__ 23. You want a user to take ownership of a file or folder that she did not create. Which of the following groups do you not add her to? a. Administrators group b. Backup Operators group c. Creator/Owner special identity d. Server Operators group _ _C__ 24. Which of the following Net commands do you use to create a new share called DEV from the C:\development folder and allow up to five users to access the share at a time? a. net share DEVELOPMENT=c:\dev /grant:users, read /users:5 b. net share DEV=c:\development /users:users, read /grant:5 c. net share DEV=c:\development /grant:users, read /users:5 d. net share DEV=c:\development /grant:users, read /concurrent:5 __ C__ 25. A user called JohnP is experiencing problems deleting a file out of a folder on the server. Ordinarily he just opens the file —a report generated by the database hosted on the system—but in this case, the file has become corrupted and he needs to delete it. JohnP cannot delete the file, even though he believes he should be able to. You determine that he is accessing the report through a share called REPORTS, which was created on a folder called E:\REPORTS. When you investigate,
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Win210 quiz 9c - _A_ 21. To view the ownership,...

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