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Win210 quiz 11a - information with the system a Memory...

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True/False Indicate whether the sentence or statement is true or false. _F___ 1. Members of the Administrators group can use Device Manager to configure hardware resources for devices on remote systems. _F___ 2. If you install a device in a Windows Server 2003 system that has a signed driver, the device is guaranteed to work with all other hardware in the system. _F___ 3. If you specify an allocation unit size other than the default, you cannot use file or folder compression. _F___ 4. If you move a dynamic disk that is part of a striped volume from one Windows Server 2003 system and install it in another system, the data on the drive will be available on the new system. Multiple Choice Identify the letter of the choice that best completes the statement or answers the question. _ C___ 5. What is the name given to a pathway that some hardware devices use to transfer data directly to and from system memory? a. IRQ channel b. I/O channel c. DMA channel d. MA channel _ C___ 6. What name is given to a location in memory that is allocated for use by a particular hardware device, to exchange
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Unformatted text preview: information with the system? a. Memory address b. IRQ c. I/O address d. I/O channel _C___ 7. Which of the following keys do you press during the system boot to access the Last Known Good Configuration? a. F10 b. F5 c. F8 d. F1 __ A__ 8. Where does Windows Server 2003 store hardware and device driver information? a. The Registry b. The hw.ini and dd.ini files c. Devices database d. Hardware abstraction layer database __D__ 9. Which of the following is not an option available for the configuration of driver signing on Windows Server 2003? a. Ignore b. Warn c. Block d. Deny __A__ 10. Which of the following icons is used in Device Manager to identify a device that cannot be recognized? a. Yellow question mark b. Red question mark c. Red circle with a white question mark d. Yellow circle with a white question mark...
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Win210 quiz 11a - information with the system a Memory...

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