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chapter 4 help desk - Mauricio Romero Arango Chapter 4....

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Mauricio Romero Arango Chapter 4. Check your understanding 1. False 2. Burn-in test 3. At the time a component is purchased and installed 4. False 5. Hard disk drive 6. Configuration Problem 7. Conflict 8. False 9. New Version 10. Workaround 11. False 12. False 13. Both hardware and software problems 14. True 15. Quick start behavior 16. Written reminder note, save password in operating system, reference sheet, script, checklist 17. False 18. A service pack 19. Automatic Update Discussion Question 4. I believe that commercial software is easier to support and troubleshoot than freeware software. Taking into account the first class of software, producers have the obligation to resolve any problem that a user has related to the software. In addition, software has guarantee policies that protect the user. If the producer does not help the client, the last one could sue the seller and it could create critical problems in the company such as brand image damage, litigations, among others. On the other hand, freeware software does not have a contract with
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chapter 4 help desk - Mauricio Romero Arango Chapter 4....

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