Assignment#3 - Review a current article on the outsourcing...

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Review a current article on the outsourcing of IT in today’s business world. Be sure to follow the outline for an article review in the syllabus. Abstract: This article focuses on the “Medical tourism”. The outsourcing of healthcare services specially patients is growing and diversifying on a global scale. A recent trend shows that people from developed countries are traveling to developing countries for affordable healthcare. Many healthcare insurance companies are now developing healthcare plans that are accessible for receiving healthcare in other countries. The focus of this article leads to outsourcing of U.S. healthcare services. The findings show that as long as people in developed countries lack affordable healthcare, medical tourism will continue to grow and insurance companies will continue to encourage healthcare outsourcing because of cost factor. There is already an outsourcing of manufacturing, technology and service related jobs. If the U.S. healthcare maintains its status quo it is highly possible that healthcare services may also be outsourced. Recently, I read about the news from blue cross blue shield of Illinois, who are developing insurance plans so that their members can have their healthcare service in other countries. The main reason behind this is the healthcare cost in US and more affordable costs with better service in developing countries. Outsourcing of Healthcare: This globalization of healthcare has given rise to a new trend called “Medical Tourism.” It is also called “Healthcare Globalization,” “Health Vacation,” “Wellness Tourism,” “Medical Outsourcing,” or “Generation Next Health Holidays.” Whatever the name, “Medical
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Tourism” is defined as travel outside one’s home country in search of healthcare that is either less expensive or more accessible. Medical tourism is growing and diversifying on a global level. The worldwide revenue from medical tourism has been estimated to be $60 billion in 2006, and is projected to be $100 billion by 2012 (Herrick, 2007). Developing countries that promote medical tourism, such as, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, and India
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Assignment#3 - Review a current article on the outsourcing...

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