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MGT360_Wyatt_EarpCase_Nirali Patel
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Patel Nirali MGT 560 operations and supply management Question 1: Compare Wyatt's buffalo hunting to the approach used by the old timers? In older times, there was standard way of hunting. The buffalo hunter would typically have five four-horse wagons, with one driver, the stock tender, camp watchman, and cook; and four others to skin the kill. The hunter would provide horses, wagons, and supplies for several months. They would used Sharps "Fifty" rifle for shooting, which had capabilities for shooting at long range but it was quiet expensive and very heavy. The hunter would go to an area where they had a good view of the heard, and start shooting one buffalo at a time, if the slug went true, the animal would drop in his tracks or stagger a few steps and fall. This would means that lot of people were needed for entire hunting process. Obviously the costs of maintenance of rifles were high as it had to soak in water after every second shot. While Wyatt used one wagon, four animals for harness, and one for which he
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