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Nirali Patel March 02/ 2010 Directed Reading ~ what it takes to be better Project manager Question: In table 1, which are the problems related to project set up (perhaps occurring before project  manager was selected) and which are related to project manager’s skills? The project manager is key individual who manages and leads the project. In project management practice, the PM should be appointed in initial phases of development. This will not only be important to initiate the project but the PM is the major resource input to the project compared to the other team members. Also, many of start-up tasks can be simplified. As a leader, the PM will take responsibility for the planning, implementing and completing the project. There are certain personality traits or skills required to be successful project manger. The PM should have excellent communication skills, organizational skills, leadership skills, technological skill, coping skills and team building skills. There are number of problems that project managers are facing and there are
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PMP575_Patel_DirectedReading_Assignment2 - NiraliPatel...

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