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Of Mice and Men-1 - Of Mice and Men Of Mice and Men a drama...

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Of Mice and Men “Of Mice and Men” a drama that tells an inspirational story about two boys, Lenny and George. Lenny and George are out to seek a path to a good life; the only problem is the set back of Lenny being mentally retarded. Lenny being so strong and not knowing his own strengths he hurts people and animals while not knowing he is doing anything wrong. George acting as his father figure helps him get through his struggles to improving their lives. The play “Of Mice and Men” falls under a lot of categories in dealing with the theme. Friendship is the first key to the theme in the play. Georgia and Lenny each supporting each other throughout the play, sticking up for each other and helping through the problems they face. Other friendships are formed to help get through certain difficulties during the play, for example the death of Candy’s dog. Throughout the play friendship is the main key to helping them get through their struggles. Following your dreams is another theme to the play. From the beginning of the story Lenny and George dream about their future. Following your dreams is a big key to this play, stay true to your dreams because the harder you work for
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Of Mice and Men-1 - Of Mice and Men Of Mice and Men a drama...

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