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-Mysticism Sufism (suf = wool) Al-Hasan (Dies 728 CE) Tariqah = Muslim brotherhood Wali = Spiritual leader of the brotherhood. Dhikr-e.g. Whirling Dervishes. Form of worship. -Basmalah = “In the name of God, the merciful and compassionate” (Spoken often during the day and before meals) -Hamdalah – “Praise to God” – Said afterwards. -Purdah – Covering of the body -Hijab – Head covering. -Taqlid – The obligation to follow exactly the teaching of one of the found accepted schools of law. -Dhimmi – A non muslim, living in a non muslim country had to pay a poll tax = head tax. Study Guide (The nazarians are Christians) FROM SCRIPTURE READINGS -Sabian = Monotheist. -Al-Imran – The coming of the Virgin Mary. SHIAH AND SUNNI -Shiah = Party of (Ali) = 15% of Muslim Religion (Ali only descendant of Muhammad) -Fivers -Seveners -Twelvers (This is what a majority of them believed) Al Mahdi = Occultation. Communicated God’s word to the world. -Ayatollahs – the sign of God. Powerful men. -Karbala ( In Iraq) Tomb of Hussein. (Husayn)
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ClassTestReview(ComparativeReligion) - -Mysticism Sufism...

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