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T AR 103 March 22, 2010 Watched video on actors getting their masters degree and seeking work in New York. T AR 103 March 24, 2010 The Actor Development of the Actor Acting Styles and Methods Emblematic gestures, the turns or twists of the head (wearing mask) to communicate. Communicate with body language. The Noh (Japanese theatre). Chinese theaters still employ masks. Commedia dell’arte is the renaissance style of comedy. Here, in the Renaissance we begin to see the removing of the mask. We become very interested in the physical attributes. There is this fascination of beauty of the performer which began in the renaissance. Julie Taymor (Lion King on Broadway) Used masks on actor bodies to inspire classical forms. She pulls together a lot of forms from antiquity using puppets and masks. Medieval Theatre Many religious plays. The costumes for the evil ones or the devil were very elaborate. It is questionable that innocent religious figures such as Adam and Eve were unmasked in their performance. This isn’t known to be completely true though. Confessions/Apologies The reason they were called confessions was because throughout history until the 17 th century and even well beyond, there has been great suspicion from the audience about actors being rejects of society, especially since women started performing. These memoirs (confessions) were apologies for their professions. We conclude that the emphasis in acting here was on vocal delivery. We see the shift from emblematic to vocal delivery. Rhetorical Delivery is the art of oratory. Any public communication, verbally. This includes the physical interpretations of the words through any body language such as gestures and hand movements. David Garrick 18 th and 19 th century actor. He delighted audiences with his mimetic abilities. Emotional Emphasis Overflow of emotionality and eccentricity.
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Sarah Siddons Remembered for menacingly stalking across the stage. Used her body freakishly on stage. (18 th Century too w/ David Garrick). TRMD /Psychoanalysis (Freud) Is the idea of a subconciousness. Begins to inspire actors to examine human behaviors. Moscow Art Theatre: Stanislavski He did not invent realistic acting, but created a common language for sharing the acting process. He emphasized the importance of the psychological exploration of the character of the human and their behavior and how to use their self to resonate with the material and contemporary styles. Stanislavski, he emphasizes playing action rather than taking part in it. Given Circumstances in the Text Where the work begin for actors. It’s not a matter of interpretation. It’s in the dialogue listed as stage directions and what others are saying about you and what the characters themselves say about themselves. Interpretation
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TAR103(part2) - T AR 103 Watched video on actors getting...

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