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T AR 103 (January 25, 2010) -The Nature of Acting Mimesis: Persona (“Putting on the mask”) - Process: From Play to Production - Blueprint/script: Traditional text with dialogue and stage directions (found in parenthesis). -Improvisation? -Playwright /Playwriting. = Author - Producer: Handles all financial and business aspects of the play. -Composer/ Choreographer/Music Director -Stage Manager : The right hand of the director who is responsible for the practical matters so the director can deal with the artistic matters. - Collaboration between Producer and Director : Designers. (4 Core Scenic Designers) Costume Designer/ Scenic Designer/ Lighting Designer [Closely linked to the Costume Designer and Scenic Designer.
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Unformatted text preview: Visibility is important for all the other designers] /Sound Designer (Sound Designer is ultimately responsible for acoustic[live] sound and ambient sound [mood/atmospheric noises]. -Front of House Operations-Box Office Manager/ Need to set the tone that the theatrical experience will go smoothly and be nice to the people so theyre not all ass chapped while they are watching the play. -House Manager Works very closely to the Box Office Manager. Responsible for the safety and comfort of the audience while seated in the house, like a club Bouncer....
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