TAR103March4 - TAR 103 *March 4, 2010 (Thursday) The...

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TAR 103 *March 4, 2010 (Thursday) The Rehearsal Process 4-5 week rehearsal period. 6 days a week. Due to union regulation, no more than seven hours a day. Amateur companies and community theaters tend to take a bit longer in the process, taking 6 days or more. - Readthroughs Analysis involves research performed by the dramaturg. Information on the texts of the plays, previous productions, etc. Table sessions. The company looks at the text very carefully making edits and rewrites. -Staging Rehearsals – The most tedious portion of the work. Blocking, Focus. Symmetrical/ Asymmetrical staging. In the staging rehearsals for a musical, choreography is important and is generally the longest and most tedious part of the staging rehearsal. -Developmental Rehearsal – In the middle weeks of the process. It is here where directors work closely with actors to develop characterization and refine choices. -Technical Rehearsal - Re-coreographing stage effects. -Dress Rehearsals
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TAR103March4 - TAR 103 *March 4, 2010 (Thursday) The...

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