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TARFinalReview - Craig Abbia Svodoboa We talked about Craig...

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Craig Abbia Svodoboa - We talked about Craig and Appia as part of the avant garde movment. Experimenting with realism on stage. Calling for presentational design. Recreating simplicity from the overemphasis from Antiaquarianism. Craig and Appia were most remembered for their innovations and stripping away design. Svobodoa = Remembered for creating scenic “homes” that utilized open space on stage. Projected images on both projection screens itself. Integration of technology, lighting especially. He was an influence on the Violet design. Craig and Appia as well, since we see a multilevel platform set. Noh = oldest form of Japanese theatre. It is liturgical, meaning its religious theatre. The characteristic of the Noh performance style has to do with deliberate story telling. The art of walking. It is very much learned by a formula and passed from generation to generation. Masks are employed. They are performed on thrust stages.
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