Unit05s_2 - Chem 003 Fall 2009 WATER Recognize the sources...

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1 WATER Chem 003 – Fall 2009 Blackboard: http://blackboard.gwu.edu OfFce Hours: MW 3:10 – 3:55 PM, 1957 E street, room 213 or by appointment • Recognize the sources and distribution of water • Understand the importance of water for life • Understand the origin of the unusual properties of water • Learn how water affects weather • Describe the process of water puriFcation Water in numbers • 70% of the planet is covered by water • 60% of the body weight is water • 50% of the blood is water • carries oxygen from the lungs to every single cell in the organism • carries CO 2 to the lungs to be exhaled • transports nutrients to all the cells • transports toxic substances (waste) away from the cells • 77% of the brain is water !!!! • 80% of all World ʼ s sickness is due to contamination of water supplies • 25,000 people die per day due to waterborne diseases • 40,000 children die per day due to lack of water
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2 Where is water found? Where does drinking water come from? Surface water: lakes, rivers, and reservoirs. Usually not ready for drinking Ground water: aquifers, pools of water trapped 50 to 500 feet below the surface. Pure Of all the possible drinking water (2.6% of the total) • 86% frozen in glaciers and ice caps • 0.01% located in lakes, rivers and streams Unusual properties of water (H 2 O) _______ melting point (0˚C) _______ boiling point (100˚C) (ammonia, NH 3 , boils at -35˚C) • Water ___________ when it freezes
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Unit05s_2 - Chem 003 Fall 2009 WATER Recognize the sources...

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