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Sample Exam _1 - 1 A psychologist proposes that the brain...

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____ 1. A psychologist proposes that the brain has developed specialized circuits that aid in the perception of food and dangers. This view reflects a. evolutionary principles. b. “fill and thrill” principles. c. physiological principles. d. behavioral principles. ____ 3. Schizophrenia is an example of a disorder that a. is best understood from an environmental—nurture—perspective. b. is best understood from a biological—nature—perspective. c. is best understood as resulting from the inseparable interaction of nature and nurture. d. was originally thought to be caused entirely by biological factors and now is known to be caused largely by environmental factors ____ 4. ____ 6. Which statement best summarizes the role of culture in shaping behaviors? a. Culture affects only social behaviors and not the way we think. b. Culture plays a foundational role in shaping our behaviors. c. Culture has a minor role that is far secondary to biology. d. Cultural experiences allow us to break down complex ideas. ____ 8. A student approaches Steve and says “I totally forgot to do participation #2 last week while it was still on Blackboard, cuz I was like busy doing other stuff, and then I forgot on Monday, so could I like do something else for extra credit or something?” Steve says a. No b. Sure, and I why don’t I give you the answers to the first exam, too! c. How much money you got? d. Yes, if you provide me with a doctor’s note, subpoena or other evidence of hardship. ____ 9. A study examining whether women’s and men’s sexuality is affected by the time in which they live is an example of research at which level of analysis? a. cultural b. brain systems c. individual differences d. behavior ____ 12. What realization helped coalesce Darwin’s thoughts on how species evolved? a. Some species are closely linked to others. b. Genetic variation arises through random mutation. c. Favorable mutations are more likely to be preserved than unfavorable ones. d. Unfavorable random mutations occur in a population. ____ 13. Holistic is to reductionism as a. thought is to idea. b. subjectivity is to objectivity. c. mind is to body. d. functionalism is to structuralism. ____ 14. The founder of experimental psychology is considered to be a. Edward Tichner. b. William James. c. Wilhelm Wundt. d. Charles Darwin.
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____ 15. The early experimental laboratories studying the human mind were largely concerned with all but which of the following? a. investigations of sensation and perception b. brain autopsies c. scientific rigor d. strongly held theoretical positions ____ 16. William James believed that thoughts were too complex to be understood by analysis based on what school of thought? a.
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Sample Exam _1 - 1 A psychologist proposes that the brain...

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