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ANTHROPOLOGY 120, LECTURE 2 “SURVEY OF BIOLOGICAL ANTHROPOLOGY” Prof. Joseph Manson UCLA Office: 387 Haines, 267-4337 Spring 2010 Office hours: M 10:00-10:50, Thurs. 10:30-11:30 or by appointment Haines 350 W 9:00-11:45 [email protected] READINGS: A compilation of book chapters and articles (see below). Most will be posted on the course website; others (marked with a * in the course outline below) will be available in a reader from Course Reader Material, 1080 Broxton Ave. (phone: 310-443-3303). COURSE FORMAT: This is a small class (enrollment cap: 20) and will function primarily as a seminar, which means that your active participation in discussions will constitute a non-trivial proportion of your grade (see below). For the last ~15-30 minutes of some class meetings, I will give a brief lecture that will place the next meeting’s assigned readings into an intellectual and historical context. GRADES will be based on surprise multiple-choice quizzes (covering the readings) at several class meetings to be randomly selected (10%); your leadership of one (or co- leadership of two) class discussions (15%); your active participation in the other class meetings (15%); a term paper (30%); and a take-home final exam (30%). COURSE DESCRIPTION Anthropology 7 or its equivalent, which is a prerequisite to this course, has introduced you to basic concepts and findings in the four sub-areas of biological anthropology: (1) evolutionary theory, (2) primatology, (3) human paleontology and (4) the application of evolutionary thinking to understanding modern humans. In this course, we will explore in greater depth, by reading and discussing primary scientific literature, some specific topics drawn from recent emphases in these fields. We will focus on (1) new developments in evolutionary theory (meetings 1-3); (2) primatology (meetings 3-6); the
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