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Term Paper Assignment - Anthropology 120 Survey of...

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Anthropology 120 Survey of Biological Anthropology Spring 2010 TERM PAPER ASSIGNMENT 30% of your grade will be determined by a term paper that is due at 5 pm on June 4. In this paper, you will evaluate a hypothesis presented in one of the course readings by (1) finding and reading other published scientific literature and (2) critically comparing alternative views of the topic. Your first step in writing your paper will be to find relevant scientific literature. The best tools for this are the online bibliographic databases, particularly Web of Science, that you can access from the UCLA Library home page. WOS has a particularly powerful device, the "cited reference search," with which you can locate more recent articles that have cited any article in the database. I ask that you tell me, by email or in person, your proposed topic by the end of Week 5 (Friday Apr. 30). Note that you may base your paper on any article that is assigned for any class meeting, even one during Week 10. As you can see from the syllabus, we take up the topic of human behavior late in the course, and I suspect that many of you are more interested in human behavior than in any other topic that we’ll cover. Of course this
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Term Paper Assignment - Anthropology 120 Survey of...

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