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Biol 1401, 001 Quiz #6, March 5, 2010 Answers 1. In the Calvin-Benson cycle, NADPH and ATP are directly used to (a) make starch (b) donate electrons to an electron transport chain (c) make 3-C sugar from 3-C acid (d) make sucrose. (2 pts) 2. (a) Starch (b) Sucrose (c) Maltose (d) Glucose… is the sugar that is synthesized in the mesophyll cell solution and exported from the leaf. (2 pts) 3. What is the substance that interferes with the reaction of CO 2 and the 5-carbon sugar in the Calvin-Benson cycle? (1 pt) Oxygen 4. C
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Unformatted text preview: 4 plants concentrate CO 2 at the site of the Calvin-Benson cycle in their bundle-sheath cells for photosynthesis. (1 pt) 5. In the mitochondrion, the carbon atoms that were originally in the carbohydrate that entered respiration are released in the form of the compound, CO 2 . (2 pts) 6. The alternative respiratory pathway of skunk cabbage flowers is used (a) to generate heat (b) only at low levels (c) to double the amount of ATP synthesis (d) as a source of electrons for NADPH synthesis. (2 pts)...
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