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Biol 1401, 001 Quiz #7, March 26, 2010 Answers 1. A backcross in plant breeding is one made between two siblings from a cross with an agronomic variety and a wild variety with desirable traits. (a) True (b) False (2 pts) 2. BT” transgenic crop plants (a) are resistant to a commercial herbicide (b) have been shown to kill cattle grazing on them (c) produce large amounts of insulin (d) contain a gene that came from a bacterium and kill caterpillars . (2 pts) 3. What is one process that occurs during meiosis and helps to develop a mixing of genes among
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Unformatted text preview: the population of a species? (2 pts) Random Assortment of Homologs and Crossing-Over of replicated homolog portions . 4. If a single cell with 16 chromosomes undergoes meiosis and all cell divisions, (a) 4 cells with 8 chromosomes (b) 4 cells with 32 chromosomes (c) 2 cells with 16 chromosomes (d) 8 cells with 16 chromosomes… will be produced. (2 pts) 5. Meiosis and accompanying cell divisions in plants directly produce (a) sperm only (b) egg and sperm (c) spores (d) ovules. (2 pts)...
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