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Biol 1401 Quiz 9 Answers

Biol 1401 Quiz 9 Answers - (c gymnosperms(d seedless...

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Biol 1401, 001 Quiz #9, April 9, 2010 Answers 1. Unlike non-vascular bryophytes, seedless vascular plant gametophytes are tolerant of drought, being able to conserve water for long periods. (a) True (b) False (1 pt) 2. Modern lycopods (a) grow to be small trees in the tropics (b) have microphyll leaves (c) have gametophytes that grow on the parent sporophyte (d) produce seeds. (2 pts) 3. Which group has silica in its epidermal cell walls? (a) Horsetails (b) Lycopods (c) Ferns (1 pt) 4. Which group produces sporangia on leaves? (a) Horsetails (b) Lycopods (c) Ferns (1 pt) 5. Which group of plants was the major source of most coal?
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Unformatted text preview: (c) gymnosperms (d) seedless vascular plants . (1 pt) 6. The demise of most seedless vascular plant species occurred (a) around 1000 years ago (b) as gymnosperms out-competed them in coastal wetlands (c) as mosses became dominant around 270 million years ago (d) when the large continent, Pangaea developed about 250 million years ago . (2 pts) 7. A major advantage that seed plants have over seedless plants that increases the chances of reproductive success is (a) freely-living male and female gametophytes (b) the presence of a vascular system (c) the protection of the gametophytes (d) the lack of any antheridia. (2 pts)...
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