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Art Questions - long as it goes with whatever I imagined...

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Ryan Stevens May 18, 2006 Art II Block 4 Art Museum Visit Questions 1. The most important element in this work is the blank, white space in the border. It was what the viewer thought about. 2. The artist emphasizes the importance of the work by the size of the pieces and also, the fact that the artist did two of them makes the work stand out. 3. The work makes me feel perplexed at first. I did not know what to make of the work because it was so simple and plain. But after a long study of the work, I came to the conclusion that the blank space was for whatever I imagined. 4. The message that I get is a simple one: What do I want? I can put whatever I want into the center of the canvas. 5. The work is untitled and therefore I can make whatever title I want to make as
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Unformatted text preview: long as it goes with whatever I imagined inside the frame in the blank space. 6. This artwork could be displayed almost anywhere because it is so open. If could be in a cultural museum or a home. There are no real boundaries. 7. I really want Miss Burnes to see it if she has not because I want her opinion on it. I want to see if what I thought was way off or a legitimate guess at what it means. 8. I would love to have this artwork in my home because it is so welcoming and never boring. Whatever my mood is the painting will fit right in. 9. I would ask the artist: 1. Why did you make two? 2. Why did you choose two colors? Why not more or just one. 3. What does it represent or mean?...
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