art review - brown. The different shades of blue blend...

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Ryan Stevens September 12, 2006 Art Review Art Review Art Piece: Mary Bates Neubauer’s “Azimuth of Sun I”, 2005- Digital lambda print mounted on sintra 36’’x36’’ This piece has two main colors of gold and red. The sun itself is gold and the negative space behind it is a deep red or wine color. The sun itself has a three dimensional look to it. It spirals, big on the outside, and then spiraling smaller as it reaches the center. This piece uses shadows to accent the edges of the spirals and uses light to show off the bright spots of the sun. This is an interesting perception of the sun because it is not depicted in the traditional way that a sun is usually depicted. It was a duller gold rather than a bright, brilliant gold or yellow. There was nothing magnificent or special about this sun. The only thing unusual about this sun was the spiral effect and smooth texture.
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Art Piece: Jill Fitterer, Untitled, 2001 Oil on canvass This piece is an abstract blend of different shades of blue and spots of tan and
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Unformatted text preview: brown. The different shades of blue blend together in a way such a way that resembles the night sky. The tan and brown portions of the painting look like faces and heads of people. The faces are oddly shaped and even at some points, misshaped. The work overall is gloomy, sad, and dark. Art Piece: David Larson, Untitled, 6’x4’, Oil on canvass The most important element in this work is the blank, white space in the border. It is the key to this work and its meaning. The artist emphasizes the importance of the work by the size of the pieces and also, the fact that the artist did two of them makes the work stand out. The meaning of the work is hard to grasp at first glimpse, but it could be interpreted as to be a blank canvass for the viewer to use. The blank space is for whatever the viewer wants to put in the space depending on one’s feelings. It is a piece for all moods....
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art review - brown. The different shades of blue blend...

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