Chapter 4 GRG - court This gives the case the opprotunity...

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Ryan Stevens February 21, 2006 AP US Gov Block 1 Chapter 4 Reading Guide package veto line-item veto- This allows a veto to only certain parts of the legislation, while allowing the rest to pass. After the line-item veto, the legislation goes back to where it came from and can either be accepted or rejected. commute- This involves the reduction of legal penalties , in reference to being put into prison. Commutation is granted based on a prisners good behavior. If the prisner shows a lack in good behavior it may not me granted. extradite- This is a process by which a criminal is found in one country and is then handed over to another country. The criminal may also already been found guilty and just being handed over to serve the sentence. Baker v. Carr inclusion- appellate court- An appeal is the act of challenging a decision of a lower court to a higher
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Unformatted text preview: court. This gives the case the opprotunity to be looked over again and to have a fresh decision made on it. The court that the appeal is given to is the appellate court. direct initiative- This is a measure that is put directly to a vote after being submitted by a petition. indirect initiative- This is a measure that is first referred to the legislature , and then only put to a popular vote if not enacted by the legislature. popular referendum- This is a direct vote in which an entire electorate is asked to either accept or reject a particular proposal. This may be the adoption of a new constitution , a constitutional amendment , a law , the recall of an elected official or simply a specific government policy. advisory referendum 5 types of charters- 4 types of local government-...
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Chapter 4 GRG - court This gives the case the opprotunity...

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