Chapter 8 II GRG

Chapter 8 II GRG - This is the cause of presidential...

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Ryan Stevens March 6, 2006 AP US Gov. Block 1 Chapter 8 II Reading Guide stewardship theory- This is the theory of Theodore Roosevelt and it is his basic belief that the executive branch should be more powerful. He believed in classical republican, progressive democratic, and statesmanship. Taftian theory- This is the beliefs of Taft and that the President is strictly the head of the Department and only has the powers given in the Constitution. EOP- This is the staff of the President and also the many reporting staffs under them. This was set up by Congress in 1939 in order to support and aide the President. There were about 3,000 staff in 2005. NSC- This stands for the National Security Council and is used by the President of the US and is used for national security problems and foreign policy issues. This has been around since Truman and has advised the president on foreign issues ever since. presidentialist view- This is the view of policy making from 1938 to 2000.
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Unformatted text preview: This is the cause of presidential disapproval in the polls. This is the use of Presidential power to suede Congress. congressionalist view-This is a view of the president’s role in the law-making process that holds Article II’s provision that the president should ensure "faithful execution of the laws" should be read as an injunction against substituting presidential authority for legislative intent. executive order- This is an edict that is usually given by the President to get something done without making it a law by an act of Congress. This is not used commonly and not since 1789. executive privilege- This is a the right of the President of the US to withhold documents and other such things from others in the executive office and the other branches of government. Patronage- This is when a person of power, the patron, favors a person or group of persons for their support. This could also be interpreted as pork barreling....
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Chapter 8 II GRG - This is the cause of presidential...

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