EC for AP GOV - Exam Year 1984 1 Question The wealthiest...

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Exam Year ? # Question Ans wer Chap ter Page # 1984 1 The wealthiest people in pre-Revolutionary America were primarily A. lawyers, doctors, and other professionals B. northern merchants and southern planters C. inland farmers D. industrialists E. local government officials B 5 89- 90 1988 39 Which of the following was true of the American labor movement in the late nineteenth century? A. It was controlled by immigrant socialists and anarchists B. It was confined to factory workers C. It was protected from employer harassment by federal law and policy D. It was allied with the Democratic party E. It was involved in a number of violent strikes E 14 304- 306 1988 40 Which of the following best accounts for the curve on the graph above depicting immigration to the US from Asia, Africa, and the Americas between 1882 and 1900? A. Rapid expansion of the British Empire into the Southern Hemisphere B. Restrictive congressional legislation C. Immigration to less-settled areas of the world D. Improved worldwide economic conditions E. Reduction of potential immigrant populations by widespread epidemics B 25 561- 563 1988 41 As a result of the Spanish-American War, Spain relinquished to the US control of Puerto Rico, Cuba, and which of the following? A. Alaska B. Hawaii C. The Panama Canal Zone D. Bermuda E. The Philippines E 27 640- 642 1988 42 Charles Lindbergh became a national hero for all of the following reasons EXECPT: A. He was seen as a modest, handsome daredevil B. He made a solo flight across the Atlantic C. He advocated American leadership in C 31 735- 737
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world affairs D. He embodied American traditional values in the new industrialized society E. His success incorporated elements of technology and individualism 1988 43 During the decade of the 1960s, young people, Black people, American Indians, Hispanic Americans, and women were among the groups protesting various aspects of American society. All of the following were protested against by
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EC for AP GOV - Exam Year 1984 1 Question The wealthiest...

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