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Econ. - reopened o Laid the groundwork for US...

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Economic Nationalism - Encourage Creativity & Inventiveness - Create a Transportation Infrastructure - Create a Pro-Business atmosphere - Eli Whitney’s Cotton Gin, 1791 - Gun Factory- Interchangeable parts - First Turnpike-Lancaster, PA 1790 - Cumberland “National Road” 1811 - Robert fulton and the Steamboat- “The Clermont” Causes of The War of 1812: Chesapeak-Leopard “Affair” - June 21, 1807 - Br. Captain fired on the USS Chesapeake - 3 dead, 18 wounded - Br. Foreign Office said it was a mistake - Jefferson’s Response: o Forbade Br. Ships to dock in American ports o Ordered state governors to call up as much as 100,000 militiamen The non-intercourse Act 1809 - Replaced the Embargo Act - Remained US policy until 1812 - Unexpected consequences: o New England was forced to become self-sufficient again (old factories
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Unformatted text preview: reopened) o Laid the groundwork for US industrial power o Jefferson, a critic of an industrial America, ironically contributed to Hamilton’s view of the US!! American Problems-The US was unprepared military: o Had a 12-ship navy vs. Britain’s 800 ships o Americans disliked a draft preferred to enlist in the disorganized state militias-Financially unprepared: o Flood of paper $$ o Revenue from import tariffs declined-Regional disagreements The American System-Tariff of 1816-Second Bank of the US-Internal improvements at federal expence o National road The American System-West Got roads, canals, and federal aide-East got the backing of protective tariffs from the west-South ??...
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Econ. - reopened o Laid the groundwork for US...

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