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Art 120 Final Project Paper - backdrop I don’t really...

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Ryan Fessler Kyle Bradley Art 120 Final Project We decided to create a mosaic because we are not that artistic. The mosaic we created allowed the image to be filled with lots of color and detail, something we did not have to color or paint. A tiger was chosen because it was the mascot of our high school. Orange and black are the typical colors you associate with tigers, but we decided to do a black and white tiger. Black and white construction paper was used to create the tiger, and the backdrop was made with magazine print. At first, we had trouble deciding what to do with the
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Unformatted text preview: backdrop. I don’t really know how we came up with the idea, but it turned out to look very good. For the background, we drew a tree that appeared to come from the tiger’s habitat. We found wood flooring in some home decorating magazines and some grass in golf magazines. Our tree was made with both of these elements. For the backdrop of the tree, we used the opposite of the tiger’s backdrop. White text on black contrasted the black text on white and it came out looking great....
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