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Jenkins, John Chapter 5 - 13. PCIe X16 14. To take...

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1. ATX, BTX, NLX 2. 2 3. 24 Pins 4. 5. P1 (20 Pin) 6. ATX has 20 pins – Enhanced ATX has 24 pins 7. MicroBTX, NanoBTX, PicoBTX 8. Northbridge, Southbridge, CPU Socket (or Slot), Expansion Slots, RAM Slots, CMOS Battery, CMOS RAM, Jumpers, Capacitors, IDE Connectors 9. 32 or 64 10. The number of lines (traces) connected to the bus on which it may carry cargo. 11. 1066, 800, 533, and 400 MHz 12. American Megatrends, Inc. (AMI), IBM, Phoenix Technologies
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Unformatted text preview: 13. PCIe X16 14. To take advantage of upgraded features. 15. Check the Motherboard manufacturers Website. 16. By the placement of and the number of notches on the cards slot connector. 17. Electrical Power, Control Signals, Memory Addresses, Data 18. PCIe 19. CMOS Setup 20. By hitting a specific key or combination of keys during boot....
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