Reflective Response Bourgeois

Reflective Response Bourgeois - I dont believe that she had...

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Ryan Fessler ART 120 11/10/2010 Reflective Response Louise Bourgeois lived a very hard but satisfying life in my opinion. She was born in 1911 in Paris to a tapestry woman and an amateur photographer father. I thought her family was quite eccentric after learning some thing about them. Her mother allowed no animals indoors and suspended different objects, such as fruits and vegetables on their ceilings. Bourgeois uses some of the suspended objects in her work to remind her of her childhood, which was interesting to hear about. I think that when she says “I need my memories. They are my form of documentation”, she is referring to everything that anyone has done to her. Her father betrayed her, she thought, when he cheated on her mother with a teacher she thought was coming to help her with English. She also believed that since her father already had two daughters he did not want a third, which is a sad thought to have when you are young and see this kind of behavior going on from a parent.
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Unformatted text preview: I dont believe that she had the best childhood, but I think that most of her work is inspired from it. For example, one piece she created in 1974 was called Destruction of my Father. I also believe that her mothers different style rubbed off on her because when she moved to New York City and ran a fashion show, she made bizarre costumes of body parts for people to wear. Her work is obviously very abstract due to her childhood and the style that she lived with, due to the fact that her mother decorated the house with different things hanging from the ceilings and everything else. She married an American man in 1938 and also eventually made peace with her father, claiming that they got better Ryan Fessler ART 120 11/10/2010 each and every day. In my opinion, her works are abstract and interesting. At age 95, she is still working which is quite an accomplishment in itself and also an incredible career....
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Reflective Response Bourgeois - I dont believe that she had...

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