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Ryan Fessler HIS 112 Paper #2 Holy Wars Paper Christianity and Judaism are two of the oldest and most well known religions in the world today. Both religions were considered to be built around divine revelations, which the Arab world had never experienced. Muhammad ibn Abdullah, a merchant who married into wealth, then went on to profess a new faith from his religious experiences: Islam. The Islamic religion was created due to Christianity and Judaism being the two major religions at the time. The Arab world had not witnessed divine revelation, and neighboring Jews and Christians boasted about their religion. Islam was all about Allah and working towards preparing a last judgement. Different impressions were molded by Muslims and Christians, mostly negative. These impressions weren’t made until the First Crusade. Before, both sides lacked any curiosity about the other. Once Muhammad died; Umar, the second caliph of Muhammad, led the Arabs into a string of wars around 634. Muslims, followers of the Qur’an (Koran), expanded their power through much of Europe and Jews and Christians living in these conquered lands were treated as second-class citizens. It shows how Muslims felt that they were superior to other religions. Christians began their first holy war in 1097, also known as the First Crusade. Western Europe’s population was growing rapidly at the time, and more land was wanted as well as needed. The population of Europe tripled, and the citizens were excited about expansion. Kings were losing their authority over the people, so popes began to spread the Peace of God movement which represented peace within
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Ryan Fessler HIS 112 Paper #2 Europe. The increasing power of the popes showed that religion was on the rise, as well
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HIS112 Paper #2 - Ryan Fessler HIS 112 Paper#2 Holy Wars...

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