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Access Project 1-2

Access Project 1-2 - right out of the box When more...

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Access 2007 Summary Microsoft Access 2007 has some new features, including a result-oriented interface that refreshes the look of the program and makes it easier to create and modify tracking applications. There are over one thousand commands that can be used in Access and there are also no windows hidden under other windows. You will be able to see view all windows without losing track of one that may be hidden under another window, like in previous versions. Equipped with a new status bar, scroll bar, and title bar give applications built in Access 2007 a fresh, modern look. Pre-built applications are included to update and modify information quickly when needed. The getting started screen includes pre-built databases to input information into
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Unformatted text preview: right out of the box. When more templates become available, they will be updated into your program so you will always have the latest technology. You can also quickly create tables, reports, queries, and forms with the new navigation pane. Custom groups can also be created so you can see all forms and reports related to a table. Documents and other files can now be attached to individual records as well. The report browse mode also makes reports more accessible. You can find and copy records into other applications more easily. Access 2007 has several other upgrades that allow the program to become more diverse. I think it is the best available software for the casual user and the professional user....
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