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Unformatted text preview: Sales for Last Year Sales for Last Year Ryan Fessler Overview Overview We had strong sales last year Many departments had strong sales Furniture continues to be our largest profit Furniture center center Several departments averaged over $20,000 Several in sales per month in Largest Profit Center Largest Furniture Department Furniture far out-sells the other departments in total sales sales Items are much more Items expensive than any others in our store. others Profit margins on Profit furniture items are also larger. also Furniture $46,833 $43,722 $50,231 $37,228 $41,760 $43,881 $44,881 $41,760 $37,228 $60,211 $44,888 $46,733 January February March April May June July August September October November December Smallest Profit Centers Smallest Cosmetics Stationary Hosiery Average Monthly Sales: Last Average Monthly Sales: Last Quarter Avg Of October $14,527.73 Avg Of November $13,938.36 Avg Of December $16,926.09 Recommendation Recommendation Continue to expand the furniture Continue department and to make large quantity purchases purchases Begin a marketing campaign to make sure Begin that customers are aware of our fine cosmetics, stationary, and hosiery departments departments ...
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